Trimodex 3 Weeze Germany 2016

The last exercise will be organised in Weeze, Germany.

Date of exercise: 
26-29 May 2016

Teams participating in the exercise (as of August 13, 2015)

TAST Italy

MUSAR Czech Republic



Training Base Weeze
Training Base Weeze offers realistic scenario-based training possibilities for public authorities and organizations with search & rescue missions (Sicherungs- und Rettungsauftrag) as well as the integration and coordination among each other.

Training Base Weeze is a German large scale training ground for field exercises for first responders, defense, medical relief and police forces and is part of the Airport Weeze. Because it’s history as a military base, it has every aspect that a responder could wish for when participating in small or full-scale training scenarios. There are several multi-use training objects here, within over 38 hectares of space, including a power plant for industrial scenarios.


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Looking back at Weeze

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