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One major European expression of international solidarity is the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism (EUCPM) which provides the legal and operational framework for civil protection assistance side and outside the European Union.

Commissioned by the European Commission Trimension will organize three field exercises for Urban Search & Rescue Teams (USAR), technical assistance and support team (TAST) and European Civil Protection Teams (EUCPT). Field exercises will lead to a more effective response through working by agreed standards of cooperation in civil protection assistance interventions. Furthermore, these exercises provide a great opportunity to train and increase interoperability among all participants, including EUCPT experts and TAST’s.

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Trimodex 15-16

The European Commission has awarded Trimension to organise three exercises on civil protection modules, technical assistance and support teams and European Union civil protection teams.



Trimodex 15-16 consists of three exercises. Each exercise has a different variety of participating teams.


About Trimension

Trimension is a highly experienced Dutch consultancy firm specialised in preparing crisis management organisations for operating in crisis situations. Trimension has extensive experience on all level of government and within private companies in the Netherlands and is seen as a specialist in the field of crisis management since 1992.


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